In Part Two of this blog introduction series, I discuss my interests in tech and Angela Yu’s #100DaysOfCode Python Bootcamp course

Photo by fabio on Unsplash

I have always had somewhat of an eclectic personality. Musical genres? I listen to everything from hip hop, to Japanese music geared towards anime fans, to samba. Art styles? I love Art Deco, Crypto Art, and sprinkles of ai-generated art (as terrifying as it can be). The same can be said for my interests in the world of tech. I know this will change in the next few years once I can network more (#pandemicproblems), explore more programming languages…

Digital Lisa. Not exactly me, but close enough. Made with djarn’s character maker on Picrew.

Hi! My name is Lisa Cooper, and I am an Applied Computer Science major at the University of Winnipeg in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Nice to meet you.

In September 2021, I’ll be entering my second year of studies at UWinnipeg, having dedicated my first year to my Rhetoric, English, Humanities, and Indigenous Studies course requirements. With those courses now completed, I am free to start registering for my Applied Computer Science and Mathematics requirements. I intend to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics, and this Medium blog will serve as an…

Lisa Cooper

A student of Applied Computer Science @ UWinnipeg. Learning, executing, documenting.

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